• Karen

    Karen Welman

    Karen is the creator and designer of The Pearlfisher Garden and is founding Creative Partner of creative agency, Pearlfisher.

    She has always been a curious and creative explorer - pushing Pearlfisher to continually question the possibilities and create work that breaks new ground. She is beloved by Pearlfisher’s teams and clients for her unique, unexpected (and often frank!) viewpoint.

    Karen surrounds herself with brave thinkers and believes that those prepared to take a risk, are the ones to create real change. Named in the Top 10 Global Female Inventors, Karen’s passion is innovation and turning great ideas into action is her speciality. Her patented inventions include 37º, a range of temperature-regulating baby clothes featuring NASA-developed fabrics that picked up awards all over the world.

  • John Warland

    John Warland, works at the forefront of conceptual design, producing thought provoking, award-winning spaces to engage the viewer. Challenging the traditional concept of modern garden form, it provides us with a stimulus to create spaces “with a twist”.

    Specialising in site-specific installations, the aim is to challenge and bewilder the onlooker, highlighting the ideas behind the work and maximise the message delivery. Using no defined style, John’s works range from the truly whimsical and abstract to more classically led installations.

    John is 5 times RHS Gold medal winner, former Chaumont Festival exhibitor and designer of the Coronation Arch for QEII at Windsor Castle.

  • Jonathan Ford

    Jonathan is Creative Director of The Pearlfisher Garden.

    When Jonathan founded Pearlfisher 25 years ago his vision was as clear then as it is now: to continually further creative standards through provocative thinking and by boldly challenging the status quo.

    Always pushing himself and others to stretch further, Pearlfisher has has built some of world’s best-known and loved brands including Cadbury Dairy Milk, Green & Black’s, Waitrose, Target, Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver, Help Remedies, and Jim Beam – while gaining countless Design Effectiveness Awards and a much coveted Gold Cannes Lion along the way.

  • Miles Wagner

    Miles is 3D Designer of The Pearlfisher Garden.

    A graduate of the University of Brighton, with a degree in Product Design, Miles has a passion for engineering as well as art & design. Before joining Pearlfisher, he worked in set design and construction in the film industry, as well as for several design companies as a graphic and product designer. Miles has a fascination with the potential that design has to positively affect people’s lives and brings enthusiasm and a refreshingly diverse perspective to creative problem solving.

  • Jason deCaires Taylor

    Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer. His permanent site-specific works span several continents and predominately explore submerged and tidal marine environments. His multi-disciplinarily sculptural works explore modern themes of conservation and environmental activism; Over the past 10 years Taylor he has created several large-scale underwater “Museums” and “Sculpture Parks”, with collections of over 850 life-size public works. He gained international notoriety in 2006 with the creation of the world’s first underwater sculpture park, situated off the west coast of Grenada in the West Indies.

Special thanks to:

Fabricators: Pressfab and Abplas
Garden build: The Garden Builders
Plants: The Plant Man
Aquatics: London Aquatic Design Centre
3d Printing: 3D Folkes
Calligraphy: Peter Horridge
Stonework: Albion Stone
Mosaics: Maggy Howarth
Watercolour illustrations: Marina Kiselva


  • Pearlfisher is an independent strategic brand design agency with studios in London, New York, San Francisco and Copenhagen. They build the world’s most desirable brands – Challengers & Icons – those that are paving the way now and those that will be loved forever.

    In its 25th year, Pearlfisher is using this momentous moment to pledge its commitment to designing a future where packaging and waste has zero impact. The Pearlfisher garden was inspired by an increasing awareness and a sense of urgency to use our design expertise to remove waste and reduce the environmental impact of everything we create with our partners.

  • Plastic Oceans Foundation was founded in 2009 by Jo Ruxton and Sonjia Norman. As the first plastic pollution charity in the UK, their mission is to raise awareness of plastic pollution as a call to action to protect our beautiful and vulnerable oceans.

    Working for five years on the first BBC Blue Planet series, Jo saw first-hand the growing impact of ocean plastic. The Foundation embarked on an ambitious project to create the definitive feature-length film with the World’s leading scientists and conservationists, to reach as many people as possible. That ambition was realised with the release of A Plastic Ocean in 2017, to great acclaim and international awards.

    Their work now aims to continue the legacy of the film across three areas: Education, Science and Sustainability.

    Plastic Oceans Foundation is lending its name and support to endorse the ethos and call to action of the Pearlfsher Garden as it highlights the effects of ocean plastic pollution.

  • Tŷ Nant Natural Mineral Water is bottled at source in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains in West Wales, drawn from land certified as organic. Tŷ Nant is available in iconic cobalt blue and crimson red glass bottles, providing a unique natural mineral water offering, and award-winning premium range, to some of the most discerning hotels and restaurants around the world.

    Sustainability efforts run deep and Tŷ Nant takes a pro-active, responsible approach to its environmental efforts. In 2002, Tŷ Nant created a groundbreaking curvaceous PET bottle
    designed to evoke the natural flow and refreshing nature of water and chose to use PET preforms to blow on site, instead of purchasing ready blown bottles – reducing ten lorry-loads of
    blown bottles to just one lorry-load of pre-forms.

    Tŷ Nant has kindly provided the 500 water bottles to form the boundary walls of The Pearlfisher Garden.

  • UK leader in sustainable environmental solutions, Veolia provides a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce raw materials.

    After the Show, Veolia will recycle the water bottles being used in the boundary walls of The Pearlfisher Garden. The plastic will be sorted and processed for second-use food packaging or plastic milk bottles or transformed into plastic flakes for the manufacture of new products.