Lightweight Design

Pearlfisher is a strategic brand design agency with studios in London, New York, San Francisco and Copenhagen. Our clients include Waitrose, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Jo Malone MBE and Seedlip.

Over our twenty-five year history, we have designed hundreds of brands into existence. Challenging what’s possible, always looking to the future, understanding where peoples’ hearts and minds are facing and designing brands people desire.

As we face forward to our next 25 years, Pearlfisher is committed to designing a future where packaging and waste has zero impact. The Pearlfisher Garden has been inspired by an increasing awareness and a sense of urgency to use our design expertise to remove waste and reduce the environmental impact of everything we create with our partners.

A design ethos we call, Lightweighting.

What is Lightweighting?

The very best design includes only what’s needed. Lightweighting is Pearlfisher’s sustainability philosophy that centres around doing more with less.

Acknowledging that the subject of sustainability is vast, we draw clarity from complexity, with the end goal: Design that is truly fit for purpose.

We identify opportunities and design lightweight solutions across the entire lifecycle of a product: supply chain, materials, structure, finishes and across a brand’s touchpoints.

Taken both literally and figuratively, Lightweighting is the way we look at the world, using and taking less and lightening and distributing the weight of responsibility to everyone.


Everyone has had a part to play to reach this point, and everyone can be part of the solution.

We’re excited to be launching the #LightweightingChallenge at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and we want you to join us. We’re asking people to pledge to change just one thing about their plastic use. Below are some ideas, or you can come up with your own! Be sure to share your pledge and your Lightweighting journey using #LightweightingChallenge.

Lightweighting at school:
Learning brains need to be hydrated. Always take your water bottle to school.
Use paper bags for your sandwiches instead of cling-film.

Lightweighting at home:

Buy your fruit and vegetables without plastic bags.
Make extra dinner so you can take leftovers to work and avoid all the takeaway containers or plastic-wrapped sandwiches.
Always be sure to carry a reusable bag with you so you don’t have to use a plastic bag when you go shopping.

Lightweighting at the office:
Coffee cups are notoriously hard to recycle because they include a layer of plastic that stops them leaking. Be sure to carry a thermos for your morning caffeine fix.
The walls of The Pearlfisher Garden are lined with 500 bottles to show how much plastic enters the ocean every 2.5 seconds. Say no to plastic water bottles and keep a reusable one by your side.

Lightweighting on the town:

Say no to that straw and stirrer.

Find out more

To find out more about Pearlfisher’s Lightweighting philosophy and what it means for your brand, please contact Chloe Wood, Pearlfisher Head of Marketing & Communications.